Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why I launched

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Hillary Clinton had decided to create her own web site dedicated to .. well Hillary Clinton. This was not surprising to me since most people wait for other people to create web sites for them (i.e. grass roots campaigning) but in the style of how she would run the country (see Jimmy Carter's micromanaging presidency).. Hillary decided to beat other people to the punch and launch I personally went there just out of curiosity and what I saw was a pretty amateurish website devoted to the queen of self promotion. I figured I have some spare time over the summer so I launched (as you can imagine a site dedicated to Fred Thompson and his supporters) . I figured that Fred might be to busy to get around to promoting himself in this way. He is probably spending time with his spouse at the moment (not something Hillary has to worry about these days unless its a campaign photo opp). I hope that everyone will go and check out. As I consider this to be the first real Internet Presidential Election.. (between the fact that debates are on youtube and myspace is bending over backwards trying to promote candidates) it was obvious as an Internet Marketer I had to get involved. I will keep this blog updated on the progress of the site.

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